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Herd Bulls

Keen 10-8-20.jpg

Coleman Keen 717

Coleman Angus in Charlo, Montana is respected nationwide as one of the top maternal herds in the country. Larry Coleman insists that his cattle have performance, volume, muscle, fleshing ability in a maternally strong package. Larry values great females from cow families that are proven for fertility, longevity, udder quality and fleshing ability. We found Keen in a pen full of bull calves and knew immediately he was special. Phenotypically, Keen is powerful, with tremendous length, base width, volume, muscle, and performance. He is just the right size- big enough for top performance, yet moderate enough to function in a low input forage based production paradigm. Genetically, consider the maternal giants found up close in Keen's pedigree- EXT, Rito 707, Rainmaker 654X, Charlo and 6807. It doesn't get any better. As his individuality and heritage would predict, Keen is proving to be an outstanding sire. He consistently sires excellent performance in a structurally sound, wide based, heavy muscled package. We are looking forward to getting his daughters in production. 

616_Ginger Hill Black Bore 616 #18658232_edited.jpg

Ginger Hill Black Bore 616

We feel very fortunate to have been able to lease the natural service of Ginger Hill Black Bore 616 for our 2021 and 2022 spring breeding seasons from his co-owner, Jim Butler.  Brooke Miller, breeder and co-owner of 616, considers him to be the most outstanding sire that Ginger Hill has ever bred.  616 is a bull that is heifer safe, yet sires excellent muscle, growth, and maternal value.  An added bonus is the ability of this progeny to shed hair early in the season. His dam is a 10 year old Pathfinder cow, weaning 8 calves at a 107 WWR while is 14 year old Pathfinder grandam records 11 calves at a 107 WWR.  Real world cattle for producers in business for the long run.

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